IT outsourcing

Long-term cooperation in which one organization transfers to another organization all or part of the functions of servicing computers and network equipment.

The main benefit of this service is the significant optimization of financial costs. The final cost of professional services is much lower than the total cost of regular staff training or purchasing / upgrading the necessary equipment. Thus, the company buys a high-quality service at a lower price and uses the released capital to further develop its business.


“Subscriber service of computers” includes full technical support for the IT infrastructure of your office:

  • Repair and replacement of failed components.
  • Installing and configuring software.
  • Serving servers on a Windows Server meringue.
  • Maintenance of local and wireless networks.
  • Setting up antivirus programs. Regular updating of anti-virus databases.
  • Connecting and configuring new pieces of equipment.
  • Configuring data protection systems against loss and unauthorized access.
  • Diagnostics and recommendations for optimization of equipment operation.
  • Maintenance of mail servers.
  • Remote administration.
  • Free delivery of small-sized components.

Benefits of working with us

of professionals

Our company employs only certified professionals with many years of experience.


We document our work and provide all reporting to our clients.

on salaries

You don't need to hire individual employees, pay salaries, taxes, vacation and sick leave.

Quick check-out of an employee

Our employees are always ready to visit the client as soon as possible.

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